101 Reasons to Learn Martial Arts


If you need a good excuse to start taking the martial arts, consider this your big kick in the pants. I'd bet you'd be hard pressed to find a black belt who would trade all of their knowledge, experience and friendships they made along the way for million dollars. It's certainly a worthy endeavor that is highly rewarding. Hopefully this … [Read more...]

5 Articles on How to Choose a Martial Arts School (Round Up)


I've written a lot about how to choose a martial arts school for adults. Following are some of my most popular posts on the subject. When I first started, no one told me what to look for, what to avoid or how to go about it. So, I decided to provide the information I wished I had when I first started. 5 Warning Signs of a Bad Martial Arts … [Read more...]

Check out our Photo Gallery on Instagram


Have you heard that Arrowhead Martial Arts now has an Instgram page with dozens of photos from the studio? If not, you really should follow us on Facebook so you too can keep up to date on all the latest from AMA. I will be posting new photos there on a regular basis so like our page so you don't miss anything. While this isn't necessarily … [Read more...]

How to Defuse an Aggressive Situation


Encountering an aggressive situation can be quite stressful and, in some cases, even frightening. Fortunately, with the proper understanding of aggression and certain techniques, you can help to defuse an aggressive situation and prevent it from escalating into something more by keeping these four simple things in mind. Give the Person Some … [Read more...]