Who we teach at Arrowhead Martial Arts in Salt Lake City

What You'll Learn

Learn the proven self defense system of KENPO Karate in beginner-friendly classes from certified black belts. Increase your conditioning, coordination, balance, and develop quicker reflexes. No previous experience, flexibility, or athleticism is required to begin this adventure.

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Why train at Arrowhead Martial Arts in Salt Lake City Utah

Why Choose Us

Unlock your full potential at Arrowhead Martial Arts! Learn in a helpful and supportive environment from patient instructors who are easy to work with, make each class positive and productive, and who will take the time to make sure you’re picking things up at your own pace.

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Arrowhead Martial Arts reviews

Five Star Reviews

"When I came to Arrowhead Martial Arts the first time and saw that many people are starting at, or over, my age helped me realize that you dont have to be a kid to begin taking martial arts lessons. They are more personalized than any studio I’ve seen…no getting lost in the crowd! " - Heather Shaw

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